owner & artistic director
Winter Park

Meet VANESSA MINTER, owner & master designer
Vanessa has been in the industry since she was 19 years old, and she’s never once doubted that it’s the perfect place for her. She long envisioned opening a salon that would provide artistry and excellence to guests, and devoted guidance and mentorship to her team—the kind she was lucky enough to receive as a young stylist. She thinks there’s nothing better than sparking people’s happiness by making them feel good about themselves, and she is honored to do so at Mint.

Why she became a stylist:
Her grandfather and aunt were both in the industry, and she grew up transfixed by their ability to transform and uplift people physically and emotionally. It didn’t take her long to give it a try herself. “I didn’t play Barbies. I styled Barbies.”

In her spare time:
Giving back is one of Vanessa’s greatest priorities and joys in life. In fact, Mint is closed every Monday so that she and other stylists are able to focus on causes close to their heart.

Believes that:
“The minute you think you know everything, it’s time to hang up your scissors.”

Professional goal:
She hopes Mint continues to thrive as a world-class salon full of gratitude for everyone who walks in the door.